Hi, I'm Bohdan!

I’m a geek at heart with a passion to learn new things. Computers are my forte. I love programming, although I am a little rusty to say the least. I haven’t had any formal education in computer programming, most of what I know is self-taught. I’m familiar with ASP.NET, C#, CSS, HTML, & JavaScript (& dabbled with python & php). I’ve also had experience with deploying Windows & Linux servers for Web, SQL, MySQL, PBX (Asterisk & FreePBX), Active Directory Domain, File Sharing, Email, & Minecraft ;p. Currently, I work at a computer retail store in Athabasca Alberta as a full time computer repair technician. I used to (& still occasionally do) Install Fixed Wireless, Satellite TV & Internet. The platforms I’ve worked with are: WiMAX, LTE, ViaSAT, Shaw Direct, and a little bit with Bell.